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About Growth Studio

Growth Studio run global accelerator programmes designed to help startups that protect and preserve the planet.

We partner with founders to jointly validate their solutions,  gain market traction and raise investment for growth.

We believe that startups making the world a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable place to live will be the billion dollar unicorns of tomorrow. We exist to make this help make this happen - and fast.

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Does your startup stop, contain, or capture air pollutants in cities? Pre-register for our next BREATHABLE CITIES accelerator.
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Success Together

Programmes built on a partnership to build success together

Our accelerators address the core needs of founders and the startups they run by delivering  single-minded focus on:
  • Validating propositions, business models and solutions to demonstrate the idea is commercial.
  • Generating traction and getting customers from Day One through lean go-to-market strategies.
  • Helping founders get investment-ready, and navigate the process  to raise their first round.

We’ve Created Startup Acceleration Programmes And Initiatives For

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Meet Rayan & Paul

Paul Finch & Rayan Jawad

Growth Studio was created by Rayan Jawad and Paul Finch.

Since we started Growth Studio in 2016, we have worked around the world helping startups and founders build the solid foundations to get investment and build successful businesses. But we've recognised that startups have higher expectations of accelerators, that planet-focused startups still struggle to raise, and that too few see the investment opportunities and returns available in the 'tech-for-good' space. That's where Growth Studio comes in.
  • We look for ambitious founders with solutions that can be, and should be, scaled globally.
  • We have a focus on early stage technology products, especially B2B.
  • Our sweet-spot is helping startups raising between £250k and £1.5m (and working with investors in that area).
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